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Submissions of high-quality research papers related to the main topic, “Islamic Accounting Research and Education: From the Quran to the Practice” are most encouraged. Besides, research papers describing original and unpublished works on topics below are welcome:


Scientific Approaches to Islamic Accounting and Finance

  • Islamic accounting as a discipline
  • Research methods for Islamic accounting
  • Islamic finance as a discipline
  • Research methods for Islamic finance


Issues Related to Islamic Accounting

  • Accounting standards for Islamic financial institutions
  • Accounting standards for takaful
  • Accounting standards for zakat and waqaf
  • Shariah governance for Islamic financial institutions
  • Shariah compliance audit
  • Ethical issues in Islamic accounting
  • Forensic accounting from Islamic perspective


Islamic Banking

  • Islamic banking as a financial intermediary
  • The design and uses of Islamic banking products
  • Islamic financial product engineering
  • Risk and liquidity management in Islamic banking
  • The effects of competition on the development of Islamic banking industry
  • Pricing and valuation benchmarks for Islamic banking industry
  • Financial literacy and awareness in Muslim communities
  • Impact of Basel III and other standards on Islamic banking industry
  • Regulatory framework for Islamic financial institutions
  • The resilience and inclusiveness of Islamic banking industry


Islamic Capital Markets

  • The design and uses of Islamic capital market products
  • Capital market products and the public sector financing
  • Infrastructure requirements for innovative islamic financial products
  • Various kinds of sukuk and their markets issues and problems
  • Risk management strategies with Islamic capital market products
  • Pricing and valuation benchmarks for Islamic capital market products
  • Islamic options and other derivative products
  • Forward and futures in islamic finance
  • Islamic capital market regulations
  • The impact of financial crisis on islamic capital market products
  • The relationship between markets for financial assets and real assets
  • Islamic credit and business rating index


Takaful/Islamic Insurance

  • Social security system from an Islamic perspective
  • Social security system in various Muslim countries
  • The design and use of takaful/Islamic insurance products
  • Risk management in takaful/Islamic insurance industries
  • Recent development of takaful/Islamic insurance


Islamic Microfinance

  • The design and uses of Islamic microfinance products
  • Islamic microfinance and financial inclusion
  • Islamic microfinance and its roles in poverty alleviation
  • Social networks and their significance in Islamic microfinance
  • Risk and liquidity management in Islamic microfinance
  • Technology and innovation on Islamic microfinance